Halloween 2017

Time to get spooky! Halloween is a fun time of the year because you get to be someone you aren’t and let your more creative side out. From queens to nurses to pumpkins, there are tons of things you could dress up as in a fun and cute way.

Last year for Halloween I decided to go as Rihanna’s take on Pebbles from the Flintstones. I love Rih Rih and wanted to recreate her look but I could not find it anywhere except the Jeremy Scott 2010 runway show. Spending thousands *that I don’t have* just for Halloween? I think not. So I went the less expensive and DIY route.

I took a white skater skirt and a white, cropped, off the shoulder top and dyed them both orange with fabric dye. I then took a sponge and stamped “claw marks” on both pieces and I cut the bottom of the skirt to seem jagged. I used a safety pin to cinch the middle of the top and I put a bone through the top and another in my hair (it was covered by the curls 😉 ).

This year I went as another amazing artist, SZA! Lately I had been told a lot that I resembled her so I decided to go as her for Halloween.

This look was super easy to create. I blew out my own hair and put it into two puffs on either side of my head. I added braiding hair onto each puff with a rubber band and Bobbi pins. I wore a black body suit with spandex shorts and rhinestone bedazzled fish nets and thigh high boots. I bought a pack of butterflies from Michael’s and painted them to be monarchs and adorned them throughout my hair.

I love Halloween and it was super fun to dress up as some of my favorite artists! What were you this year? Did you like the Rih Rih or SZA costume better? Comment and let me know!

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