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Hey babes! Skin care is always super important, but now that the weather is cold we cannot let this dry air attack our faces. Here are all of the items that I use in my daily routine just to give you all some ideas of what to incorporate into your own routines. My skin is definitely not perfect, and this may not work for everyone, but it is just to give you a place to start. It is best to try different things to see what works for you and your skin. I have oily skin so for all you oily babes out there I hope this helps! Remember! It is not just about what we put on our bodies but also what we put in it! A healthy diet, a lot of water, and regular exercise will definitely help on the road to clear skin. Also sometimes it is just hormonal, my skin was a lot worse when I was younger but as I matured I grew out of it and stopped experiencing as many breakouts as I used to.



The first step in my skin care routine is to cleanse my skin. Cleansing is one of the most important steps because that is how you remove all the impurities from your skin and pores.

  • The Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel is marketed for all skin types and it cleanses and exfoliates the skin with a cream-like formula. It does not foam, which is not my favorite thing, but my skin never feels dry after. This is a great option if you want to try a new cleanser for a relatively low price. $14 for 8oz.
  • The pūr~lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk is marketed towards all skin types and it smells amazing. It has a cream-like formula, that also does not foam but it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean without feeling tight and dry. $36 for 5.07oz.
  • The Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser has become my favorite cleanser to date and I use it everyday. It is a gel cleanser that warms as you apply it, opening your pores and removing all of the impurities. It only takes one pump and creates a slight lather, leaving my skin feeling less oily but not tight and dry. My skin has become obviously clearer after using this twice daily and I plan to keep using it for a while. This one is a little pricy but I have been using the same bottle for 5 months now. $30 for 5oz.


The second step in my routine is toning. It is important to tone because it removes any leftover makeup and debris that your cleanser did not remove and it preps and balances your skin for the rest of the products that you are going to apply.

  • The Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion is marketed for combination, dry, and sensitive skin. It is alcohol free and nourishes your skin while smelling amazing! $15 for 8oz.
  • The Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion is marketed for combination and oily skin. This is one step up from the previous toner, using astringents to help with any acne problems and helping with any excess oil production. $15 for 8oz.


Masks are not an essential part of one’s skin care routine, however I have noticed a big difference in my skin after adding them into my routine. Different masks do different things so it is all about what you are looking to add into your routine.

  • The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is my absolute favorite mask hands down! I have tried many different masks but I always go back to this one in the end. It has charcoal in it to help with my oily skin and Japanese tea leaves for exfoliation. My skin visibly glows after using it and it feels less clogged and heavy. It is a bit pricy, however one jar has lasted me about 6 months. I do this mask at least twice a week and I have noticed a major difference since adding it into my skin care routine. $28 for 3oz.
  • The Mario Badescu Whitening Mask has helped to bring my skin back to a consistent shade. I have dark spots from old acne scarring and damage from the sun and after a few weeks of using this mask I have noticed the marks to begin to fade. I use this twice a week after toning. $24 for 2oz.


Serums are high concentrations of ingredients that help to add nutrients and directly benefit the skin. I like them to add specific vitamins and ingredients that I think will help my skin. Serums are probably going to be the most expensive part of your skin care regimen because there are so many nutrients and benefits in such a small dosage.

  • The Pareik Reface Me serum helps with aging and adds vitamin C. While I do not necessarily need any age-defying benefits, it is better to prevent than to try to reverse, and the adding of vitamin C into my skin regime has definitely added a glow to my skin. This particular serum does not smell the best, but I like the consistency and that it is more of a gel than an oil. $26 for 1oz.
  • The Rutz Potent-C serum is similar to the previous one, however it is a liquid based serum rather than a gel. It is also anti-aging, but more importantly it has vitamin C and E which has proved to be great for my skin. $52 for 1oz.
  • The Oils of the World Illuminating Facial Super Oil Serum is an oil based serum, and while I am not a huge fan of putting a lot of oil onto my face this serum gave me a glow like no other. It also smells amazing, is vegan, and has vitamin C *heart eyes*. $32.50 for 1.2oz.
  • The Erin’s Faces Rose Quench Serum is absolutely amazing! It was my first serum and it was lightweight and super moisturizing. Rose water is big in skin care right now and this serum explained to me why. $60 for 1oz. (Not pictured)



Moisturizers are SUPER important! Almost as important as cleansing, moisturizers literally add moisture to your skin and keeps it from being super dry and tight, and also oily! Yes, the reason your skin is oily is because it is over producing sebum to make up for lack of moisture in your skin. To combat all of that gross oil, you make sure to moisturize before your skin gets a chance to do it for you.

  • The Mario Badescu Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin is for oily and sensitive skin and it is one of the best moisturizers I have ever tried. It is not thick and goopy like most moisturizers geared towards oily skin and it does not make my face feel slick and greasy. It does exactly what it says it does and controls the oil production on my face. $18 for 2oz.
  • The Ziaja Goat’s Milk Moisturizing Day Cream is a thick moisturizer that is meant to supplement all the substances that your skin may not be providing for itself. It has a creamy texture so you do not need much when applying and it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. It also smells super good. $12.99 for 1.7oz.
  • The Specific Beauty Lighten & Brighten Eye Cream is not technically a moisturizer but I use it at the same time as my overall moisturizer. I have naturally dark under eyes and sometimes get dark circles due to lack of sleep and stress. I apply it on my brow bone and under eyes and it lightens up those dark spots. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles because it’s always better to prevent than to try to reverse.

Facial Sprays

Facial Sprays are not an essential part of one’s beauty routine, however I like to use them before my oils for added moisture and as a quick refresher throughout the day when my skin is feeling dry.

  • The Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Allow, Herbs and Rosewater is for all skin types, and like I said before, rosewater is everything right now. Its super refreshing and I even use it to set my makeup and wet my brushes when I want some extra pigment or sparkle. $7 for 4oz.
  • The Eden Bodyworks Citrus Fusion Refresher Spray is made for your skin and to detangle your hair but I mostly use it as a daily refresher for when my skin is starting to feel oily and gross. It has an amazing citrus scent and is cooling and refreshing. (Tip: put it in the fridge before you go out on a hot day and your skin will feel amazing when you use it.) $9.99 for 8oz.

Facial Oils

I like to use facial oils at the end of my routine to seal in all of the hydration that the previous products put into my skin. Like stated it is super important for my oily babes to put moisture into your skin so your skin does not do it for you, and after adding this into my routine I noticed that it takes longer for my skin to start producing oil.

  • The Provence Beauty Heal Your Skin Facial Serum Oil has done an amazing job of sealing in moisture for my skin. I only use a few drops because it is a pretty dense oil but it gives me a glow after I apply it. It is meant to re-balance the natural oil production in your skin and it has definitely done that for me. I found it at TJ Maxx and have been pleased with it since. $6.99 for 2oz.

I know this was a long post but thanks for sticking around with me and I hope I helped you find some new products to try! What are your ride-or-die products when it comes to skin care? Let me know in the comments down below.


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  1. sierradavis456 says:

    I loveeeee the Himalayan charcoal mask too! I’ve never bought the full jar but I used the samples from ulta!


    1. kstevens18 says:

      It’s soooo good!


  2. Great post – I really want to try Mario Badescu products! xx

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    1. kstevens18 says:

      They are so good and super affordable! I love how each of their products tells you what skin type it’s best for too

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