real-u Skincare Review

I recently got the chance to try some of the products from the Australian skincare line real-u. real-u is a line that targets oily and acne prone skin (basically me) and helps make your skin easier to manage and less susceptible to pesky breakouts.

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Our unique Australian made formula works with your skin, not against it, to control the oils on your skin and help clear, heal and prevent breakouts, all while rebuilding the health of your skin.

One of the major differences between this line and other skincare lines is the ingredients that they use. real-u does not formulate their products with Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, two ingredients that are found in most products that are meant to clear skin and prevent acne. These ingredients can often be harsh and irritating to the skin and does not allow it to reach the healthiest it can be.

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real-u’s products use three steps to lead you to healthier, clear skin: cleanse, control, and hydrate. They have a cleanser for problem skin, two different gel serums to control oil and breakouts (one for more problematic skin), a moisturizer to hydrate, spot treatment to remove pimples, and a face cloth.  I got to try the cleanser, mild gel serum, moisturizer, and the face cloth.

First Reactions

*I used the products as replacements for the products that I would usually use in my skincare routine but I kept everything else the same.

Cleanser: Upon my first try of the cleanser it seemed more like a light lather than a foam,  it is marketed as a gentle foaming wash. After a few uses I learned that you have to mix it directly with water to get a nice foamy lather. The cleanser was very gentle on my skin and I only needed a small amount to clean my whole face. Unlike most acne control washes, this cleanser did not leave me face feeling extremely dry after I used it, it felt more bare and clean.

Face Cloth: The cloth was made out of a very soft material so it was not harsh to dry my face off with and it did not leave my face feeling irritated.

Control Face Gel: I fell in love with this serum after I used it. It had a very nice texture to it that left my face feeling soft, plump, and hydrated, not slick and oily. I also only needed a small amount of the gel for my face and neck.

Lite Moisturizer: The moisturizer had a thick consistency which I loved because it did not leave my face feeling slick or slimy. My skin felt as if it was adequately hydrated after using the product and it left my face feeling extremely soft and smooth.

After using the products for about a week and a half I will say that the oil that usually builds up on my skin throughout the day has definitely decreased. Instead of getting oily all over my T-zone it is just a small concentration of oil on my nose. As far as my acne, my skin has calmed down A LOT over the past couple of years so I have not been experiencing any real acne as of late, aside from a few hormonal pimples that appear during my period. I did recently get a small bump near my nose but it is tiny and not at all comparable to what would usually appear. The products have helped with reducing the acne that is usually caused by the oil on my T-zone.

I would recommend this brand to anyone with oily or acne prone skin because it may just be that boost that you need. Go check out!


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