Victoria’s Secret Lippie Haul

Recently, Victoria’s Secret had a huge sale on their entire lip collection. Everything was only $4 so I decided to grab a few different styles and colors to review for you all!



  • Secret Lover

This is a Velvet Matte Sheer Blotted Liquid Lip. It is a very sheer lip color, leaning more towards a nude. If you like pigment and tons of color this lippie is not for you but if you like light, slightly buildable color then it is perfect. It was very light, comfortable, and not drying at all to wear, but you do have to apply a few layers if you want some color pay off. You do have to work with it for it to appear even, or it may build up in some areas.

  • Hush

This is another Velvet Matte Sheer Blotted Liquid Lip but it has a lot more color pay off than Secret Lover did. Hush has obvious pink-purple hues but is still sheer and buildable. It is light, comfortable, and makes my lips soft. It is an actual matte that isn’t drying. It isn’t super pigmented but still has some a lot of color.

  • Charmed

A Color Gloss Lip Shine, Charmed is a beautiful gloss with the perfect pink shade. It is pretty thick but it is still comfortable to wear with a high shine. You do not need many layers to get a lot of color and it has a slight candy-like scent.

  • Rose Gold

A Metallic Glow Lip Shine this lippie is a beautiful rose gold color that goes on like a shimmery nude. It is a thick gloss, but it is still comfortable to wear. It has a very shiny, metallic finish but you do have to work with it when applying to get an even finish.

  • Electric Blush

A Holo Glow Lip Top Coat this is a holographic pink gloss that goes on slightly white but ends up in a shiny pink shade. It is a light gloss that isn’t thick or sticky and it has a high shine, glossy finish. It is also super comfortable to wear and just a cool shade to have. It can be applied on top of other colors to give it a nice glossy, pink touch.

  • Ultraviolet

One of my favorite shades, this is also a Holo Glow Lip Top Coat. It is light in the bottle but goes on with a beautiful violet color. It is light and comfortable to wear and the more layers the deeper the color. It can also be used on top of other shades to give them a slight glossy, purple hue.

I love trying new lip colors and these are definitely going to be some of my go-tos. Have you tried any of Victoria’s Secret’s lip collection? What are some of your favorite lip brands? Let me know in the comments down below!



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  1. Joyce Lynn says:

    I had no idea they even had a new beauty line!!! I was obsessed with their lipgloss a while back! They all look lovely on you gorgeous! The ultraviolet was probably my favorite!


    1. kstevens18 says:

      Yeah! Everyone is making their own beauty lines these days so there are definitely a lot of smaller brands to try and thank you!


  2. Nice post, you’re so pretty and these lipsticks looks nice too! I’m a new blogger, I would love if you checked out my site! x


    1. kstevens18 says:

      Thank you so much!! And I’ll def go check out your blog! It’s super important for bloggers to support each other ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed, thank you so much 😊


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