6 Face Masks You’ll Love

Queen of skincare, back to tell you about more products that I love to throw on my face. I am definitely a face mask girl, I try to use at least one every other night and I use both sheet and cream masks. The masks that I use usually target specific issues, such as acne and hydration, or sometimes I just need a bit of a glow. Keep reading to see the face masks that I am LOVING right now.

elf face masks

Bubble masks are so fun, who wouldn’t want bubbles beating the imperfections off of their face? I adore the e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask and the Clarifying Charcoal Bubble Mask. I am in love with the hydrating mask and it helped my skin bounce back after I developed some dry patches after traveling (that plane air will RUIN you). The charcoal mask is great for when I want a deeper cleanse and if I have a few small pimples here or there. I wouldn’t suggest it for major acne problems or cystic acne because it isn’t that strong, but definitely worth it for hormonal or stress related pimples. [Pro tip: They are cheaper at T.J. Maxx.]

face masks

I found the Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Sheet Mask at T.J. Maxx one day (honestly that’s where I get most of my skincare products for the low) and decided to try it. They were $10 for a pack of ten, so why not? Yall. This is my absolute favorite sheet mask. My skin felt the most hydrated and plumpest that it ever felt after using it just one time and the masks itself seemed to never dry out. I would leave it on for 30+ minutes and it would still be packed with serum. Whenever my skin starts to break out I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask. This mask reduces the size of my pimples by the next day and after a few uses they are gone. For people with dry or sensitive skin this may not be the best mask for you, tea tree can be very drying if used too much.

foxie cosmetics face masks

I spoke on these masks in a previous post and I have fallen in love with them. I use the Apparition mask and the Pink Slime mask a few times a week to keep my face hydrated and combat oil production. The Apparition mask is for skin renewal, hydration and moisture and my skin always has a nice glow after I use it. When I was dealing with dry patches from traveling the Pink Slime and it’s deep hydration was a true gem.

Are you a mask junkie like me? What is your go-to mask? Let me know in the comments!!


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