Wash n’ Go Tutorial

One of my favorite natural styles is the Wash n’ Go. It’s quick, easy, and gives my curls the most definition out of any of style.

Why I Wax

Body hair has always been a taboo topic in society, even though everyone has it! Everyone chooses to deal with their body hair in different ways and it is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has their own personal preferences. Personally, for me I choose to shave and wax.

My Favorite Protective Styles

With Spring Break upon us for many I thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on my favorite protective styles!

My Wig!!

Hi lovelies! If you know me then you know I am constantly switching up my hairstyles. I love trying new colors and lengths but this can become damaging to your hair. This is why I started investing in wigs! They have absolutely changed my life because I am not manipulating my own hair as much and it gives it time to breathe and grow. Some think wigs are only for those who do not have a lot of hair but that is completely untrue! Its a nice way to try a new style without drastically altering your own hair and you can be a different version of you whenever you want! This post is to show my growing collection of wigs and as I get more I will post those as well.